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P.O.S. at the Guthrie
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Photo: rodeojones

We went to see P.O.S. and Heiruspecs
at the opening of the new Guthrie Theater.
It was Awesome-with-a-capital-A!
And now its all up on YouTube, for everyone!
Right click for the downloads.

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Kidney Thief[youtube] [download]
Paul Kersey to Jack Kimball[youtube] [download]
Half Cocked Concepts[youtube] [download]

[new shit][youtube] [download]
[more new shit][youtube] [download]
Stand up [Let's Get Murdered][youtube] [download]

P.O.S. is Ruining My Life[youtube] [download]

Go see Doomtree at the 7th St. Entry for
Psalm One's CD Release Show on July 21.

Heiruspecs: coming soon...


Evangelion Alert!


Robert Downey Jr. in the Onion AV Club:

"I think we're misunderstanding somewhat that the current revolution and cataclysm is more of an externalization of a big shift in our consciousness generally. And because matters of the spirit are much more terrifying than anything that could ever happen in the material world—because obviously one creates the other, doesn't it? Things are thought first and experienced later, rather than we just have these couple of senses that are…

"A lot of it to me is just physics now. We're finally starting to recognize and admit that the senses are creating as much as they are perceiving. The eye is pretty much creating the image that it perceives, which is just so weird. For everyone that I know, and I expand that to pretty much all of us that have that intuitive hint that there is so much more going on than could ever meet the eye, it's unsettling as hell. I have a feeling that we're recognizing how unsettling the bigger picture can be. When, in fact, shouldn't it be comforting to know that it just ain't all that serious? Having that sense of play and feeling that you can actually kind of create your own reality to a certain extent."

GAINAX, Hollywood Agents, ADV Executives:
Put Downey Jr. in the Live Action Evangelion Movie.


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Sunday, June 25
Community celebration
The Guthrie officially opens the doors at noon.
With concerts, talks and other events that will stretch until 2 a.m.

On the McGuire Proscenium
8 p.m.: Heiruspecs, frontrunners in the Twin Cities hip-hop scene. $10.
9:30 p.m.: P.O.S., local rap star. $10.


The rest of, the story-

Thanks for the e-mail, Scott.
We finished shooting our story today.
Sadly, in our business
we have to find folks very quickly.

But I’ll keep you in mind in case we
do more on YouTube in the coming months.

Thanks again,
Joe Fryer
KARE 11 News

if their journalism was worth a shit,
they'd've put it on youtube.



KARE 11 wants to know...

I got a message on YouTube
from "Joe Fryer", who said:

My name is Joe Fryer and I'm a reporter with KARE 11 News in Minneapolis.
We're working on a short story on You Tube and searching for
local folks who put videos online. If you could help us out,
please give me a call at 763-797-7269 or e-mail at jfryer@kare11.com


Should I talk to this guy?
I could use the publicity.



Brother and Sister

Two Words:
"It was AWESOME!"

Two weeks ago we went to
Brother and Sister's Rock N'Roll
Escape From Summer School
Scavenger Hunt.
And it was completely amazing.
My favorite bits:

P-I-Z-Z-A P-A-R-T-Y; Not playing
Capture the Flag; the Train
and the Blackthorns; FAGGOT;
guest appearance by the Hopefuls.

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[still adding bits, stay tuned]